Custom Buildings

Our post-frame system can be used for buildings other than agricultural or industrial use.  Our custom structures are a great example of that.  Take a look at the examples below.  They include:

  • Churches
  • Fire Departments
  • Private Workshops
  • Recreational Facilities

We think you'll agree that Stockade Buildings custom designs offer strength, durability, and a beautiful custom designs you'll be proud of.  Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of the building.

Design Recommendations
YMCA Gymnasium Ranch Style Home Church Gym
Church Gym Award Winning 2 Story Carriage House Wood Working Shop
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YMCA Small Carriage House Boy Scout Fort
wpe79.jpg (13164 bytes) Hagerstown Church.JPG (73603 bytes) wpeCD.jpg (9134 bytes)
Carriage House Hagerstown Church North Carolina Church
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2-Story Church Missouri Church Missouri Church
wpeC3.jpg (18338 bytes) wpeCF.jpg (13923 bytes)  
Kansas City Workshop Fire Department  

  These are just a few examples of our custom buildings. 

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