Commercial Buildings

From Office Buildings to Convenience Stores, Stockade Buildings can meet your most demanding building requirements. Flexible design, strong construction techniques, and a classic beauty all play a key role in providing you with a building that meets your specific need. Think your requirements are too difficult? Just take a look at some of our satisfied customers below.


Design Recommendations
C-Store Country Market Market
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Office Building Feed Store Blow-in Wall Insulation
Service Station Convenience Store Car Garage
Retail Furniture Store BBQ Restaurant Strip Mall
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Restaurant Dentist Office Opera House
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Auto Auction Strip Malls Convenience Store
wpe5D.jpg (23479 bytes) wpe55.jpg (17769 bytes) wpe61.jpg (23658 bytes)
Car Wash

Storage Facility

Auto Repair
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Concrete Mount Feed Store Construction Company
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Day Care Gas Station Flush Frame Interior
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Furniture Store Recreation Center  
wpeB1.jpg (14148 bytes) wpeB9.jpg (8655 bytes) wpeB5.jpg (15460 bytes)
Paint Store Sales Office & Garage Sales Office Interior
wpeB7.jpg (11593 bytes) HOPPY.JPG (56064 bytes) wpeBB.jpg (10853 bytes)
Strip Center Museum Office Building
wpe45.jpg (4566 bytes) fire dept black river.JPG (27343 bytes) wpe47.jpg (34347 bytes)
  Fire Department  
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Brake Shop Karg Art Glass Day Care Center
wpe35.jpg (44084 bytes) wpe3C.jpg (114571 bytes) wpe39.jpg (73744 bytes)
Fire Place   Karg (Inside)
Vet Clinic

These are just a few examples of our industrial buildings.  Click here to contact us with your specific needs.

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