Horse Barns and Arenas

Our pre-engineered building system provides the flexibility of design and construction to meet your most demanding horse housing needs.  Whether you need an arena, private stable, additional stalls, or an entire boarding facility, Stockade Building Systems provide you with superior performance, beauty, and safety for you and your horses.

When you want the very best for your horses and rider, your Stockade Builder delivers.  Solid construction, flexible design, and proper circulation  all describe our equestrian facilities. (Did we mention their stunning appearance?)

Featured Barn

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Design Recommendations
Brandywine Stall Barn    
Stall Barn Custom Stall Barn with Loft WV Barn
Custom Equine Facility Equine Facility Hay Barn
Home with attached Horse Barn Stall Barn Two Horse barns
wpe61.jpg (28350 bytes)
Arena and Stall Barn Annex Hay Storage Equine Facility
wpe67.jpg (44741 bytes)
3-Stall Barn Rafter "S" Stall Barn Arena and Barn
Round Pen Cover Epiphany Bay Farm Custom Barn and Office
200 OUTSIDE.jpg (219437 bytes)
Custom Red Stall Barn Custom Barn and Arena Mexico Barn
wpe64.jpg (37659 bytes) IOWA STALL BARN.JPG (82443 bytes)
  4 Stall Barn White Stall Barn
STALL BARN ON LAKE.JPG (86995 bytes) red and white 4 stall.jpg (207106 bytes) OUTSIDE STALL BARN.JPG (77843 bytes)
Custom Stable Stall Barn with Overhand Stall Barn
monitor.JPG (31373 bytes) victory ranch.JPG (29446 bytes) champion door angle.JPG (27313 bytes)
Large Stall Barn Large Stall barn Custom Doors

Stall Systems

The combination of our post beam construction techniques and the strength and beauty of southern yellow pine make our stalls safe and strong with a luxurious, classic style.

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Black Powder Coat Stalls Green Powder Coat Stalls Black Powder Coat Stalls
72' Wide Stall Barn  Grooming Stalls Wash Rack
Rafter "S" Aisle Way Stall and Wash Rack Wash Rack
wpe38.jpg (12158 bytes)
Quality Points Open Stall Doors  
wpe3A.jpg (47578 bytes) wpe5B.jpg (35281 bytes)
Aisle Way Corner Stalls Custom Stall Fronts
wpe3E.jpg (29175 bytes) wpe36.jpg (45428 bytes) wpe47.jpg (41444 bytes)
Rafter "S" Corner w/ crib angle Offices
horse.31.jpg (12740 bytes) wpe3.jpg (45029 bytes) wpe2E.jpg (33223 bytes)
Open Door Stalls w/ cross gate  Lean Stall System
wpe3C.jpg (14142 bytes)
Custom Stall Fronts Rafter S and Stalls Solid Feed Room Door
Finished Ceiling


Space and safety are a riders main concerns when they ride indoors.  Our Stockade building techniques allow you to have both.  A strong building with a large, open riding area, up to 81' wide.  Take a look!

72' Wide Arena Indoor Arena 81' Wide Arena
wpe76.jpg (48870 bytes)
Arena with Stirrup Guards 100' Wide Arena Custom Arena Finish
ARENA WITH LEAN-TO STALL BARN.JPG (77451 bytes) wpe72.jpg (24772 bytes)
Open End Arena Award Winning Design Arena with Wall Guards
wpe6.jpg (38920 bytes) 200 ARENA jpeg.jpg (422732 bytes) wpe24.jpg (27814 bytes)

These are just a few examples of our industrial buildings.  Click here to contact us with your specific needs.

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